Nightlife in Paris: Fun things to do in Paris at night

Let us tell you a secret: Paris is more beautiful than before at night, the kind of place where Everything is possible. Paris is full of architecture and monuments that really shine when the sun sets, which is why it's called the City of Light! So, enjoy the city during the day, but save energy for Paris after dark and live in Paris like you've never seen before.

Where to go in Paris at night?

Walk in the moonlight along the Seine If you only spend one night in Paris, go to the most beautiful street in Paris and take a walk in the moonlight along the banks of the Seine. On your way, you will see some of Paris; main sights, from Notre Dame Paris to the Invalids, this time very beautifully lit. Its hard not to fall in love with Paris after a night trip like this! If after a day of sightseeing you are too tired to walk, you can still enjoy the same panorama with a night cruise in Paris, cocktails in hand. Bateaux Bateaux and Bateaux Parisians are popular tourist attractions in Paris, so we recommend ordering online first.

Night grating

One of the most spectacular places to visit in Paris at night is the Louvre Palace and its museum, with its glowing glass pyramid overlooking the Napoleon Courtyard. Visiting the Louvre Museum at night is also a great idea because it is less busy than during the day. In addition, Louvre artwork, especially statues, is very beautiful under the moonlight. The Louvre Museum is open only on Wednesdays and Fridays, from 09:00 to 21:45.

Paris Cabaret Some people still think of the ancient Paris cabaret, but cabaret in Paris is a fun and entertaining part of Parisian nightlife. Cabaret shows usually include crazy girls who can (our favorite part) but also sing, dance and juggle. Most cabarets are also equipped with a choice of dinner or a glass of champagne so you can sunbathe all night. From the Moulin Rouge or Lido to the Latin Paradis Cabaret Show, we present the best cabaret in Paris in our guide to the Paris cabaret.

Night club

Of course Paris has interesting nightclubs and it can't be ignored at all. If you want to explore the nightlife in Paris, visiting several nightclubs like Raspoutine Paris, L’Arc Paris and Kilimanjaro Night Club will make the experience inseparable. It would be more interesting if a lady escort Accompanied you. To find a lady escort easily, accessing sites like Lovesita can be very helpful.

Night at the Opera Garnier Paris

One night at Opera Garnier Paris, with the right program, is a great way to start the night in Paris. We suggest you come all the way to admire the rich architecture and decoration. Are you thirsty during a break? Then go to the Grand Foyer, take a glass of champagne and admire this great gallery inspired by the Versailles Palace. Book your opera ticket in advance. If opera or ballet is none of your business, but you don't want to miss one of the most beautiful sights in Paris, we recommend a night tour of the Paris Opera. Discover the history of Palais Garnier and its most famous guests, the ghost of the Opera House and enter the balcony which is protected by law. Hopefully this article can provide valuable information for you.