Practice Oral Sex In The Best Way: Advice And Positions

Oral sex is one of the favorite practices of couples, although, in many cases, it is still a taboo subject. We must consider oral sex as another practice within the intimacy of the couple that allows us to give and get pleasure without having to reach penetration. We can practice it as a sexual practice in itself or as a preliminary to penetration. If you want to know more about this sexual practice, we tell you the best way how to give oral sex. We have someessential tips and positions for your partner and you to enjoy oral sex to the fullest.


Oral sex to a man

Making a man oral sex is not something simple at all. Prevalent mistakes are made, such as using teeth or not making movements correctly. Any small detail can make the man lose his rhythm and not reach orgasm.


  • Massage the area of ​​the scrotum and the testicles while sucking the penis; you will go crazy with pleasure.
  • To lubricate the area saliva is one of the best resources, and also, very natural. Moisture the area well and the sensations will be stronger and more intense. Do not worry; it is the same desire that causes salivation in the body.
  • Remember that to avoid hurting your partner; you should never use your teeth, instead use much softer and more sensitive lips.
  • The mouth is an exceptional part of our body, especially when it comes to having sex or oral sex. It is a warm and humid hole that brings sensitivity to the elements it touches. The tongue will be your best ally if you move it smoothly, wetly and intensely.
  • Some women consider it as an act of submission and submission to their partner. Therefore, it is something that you should not practice if you do not feel like it. We enjoy sex as a couple, but it is not to have a wrong time. Explain it to your boy, surely he understands it.


Elevator: It is one of the preferred positions of men. The man stands up, and you kneel in front of him.In this oral sex position,you can hold onto his hips, and he can direct your movements by grabbing your head.

On your knees: You lie with your back supported and your head somewhat incorporated, for more comfort. You place your partner with knees open at the height of your breasts. In this position, the boy controls the intensity, and you can be a little more tired. So, remember to put some cushions or cushions under your neck to avoid having to force the position.

69: A classic when it comes to oral sex. You can lie on your side or with the boy below, as you find most comfortable. You will be in opposite directions, each one facing the other’s sex.

If you want to know more about these postures, you may follow a video on it on the internet.

Oral sex to a woman

It consists of focusing with the tongue for areas such as the lips, the clitoris, and even the vagina, where you can make a very pleasant little penetration. The most important thing is to do it gently and without hastesince any woman is capable of reaching orgasm with this practice.

  • Suctioned area: The aspiration or suction is one of the most pleasurable for women techniques; feelings aremultiplied by a thousand and increase lubrication.
  • Do not forget to devote the necessary time to stimulate the clitoris, and it is the most sensitive area and with more nervous terminations of the woman. An option not to directly boost and increase the moment of pleasure and play is to make circular movements with the tongue in part around the clitoris.
  • Insert a finger into the vagina while you are performing oral sex, with the arched posture of the finger it will be easier to stimulate the G-spot.
  • You can innovate including some sex toy.


68: This alternative to 69 is a way of giving oral pleasure unilaterally. It is recommended above all for women to receive it because having to lie on one another is more comfortable for the man to support the weight of the woman. The boy lies on his back, and the woman lies on top of him with her tail. And in the opposite position, the genitals are at the height of the mouth of your partner.

Asymmetric Cunnilingus: Lie in a comfortable position with your legs flexed. You can rest one leg and flex the other, and you place your partner sitting between your legs. It is an enjoyable and comfortable way to enjoy oral sex with your partner.