The Perfect Time of Day for Sex, According to Science

Sex has a key role in maintaining optimal wellness and health. An active intimate life is more than recreational; sexual health is an essential component of physical, psychological and emotional health. Sex improves anyone’s mood in the short term and in the long run, as well as decreases the risk of stroke and prostate cancer. Thus, sex is an amazing and enjoyable way to ensure long-term health.

So, undoubtedly, having an active sex life improves one’s health and mood. However, when you do it at certain times of day, the benefits are twice in number, as the hormonal rhythm of having sex is just perfect.

There are endless truths and myths about a couple’s sex life, especially regarding where is the best to do it, the most pleasurable positions, and so on. Moreover, scientists compared having sex in the morning, afternoon or night, in order to find out the perfect time of the day for lovemaking.

Spontaneity makes every sexual encounter exciting and passionate. Nonetheless, research showed that there are certain moments during the day that can help this experience become hotter and more sensual. Are you curious? Stat tuned because in this article we’ll reveal the absolute best times to have sex.

The best time of day for sex

According to some studies, there are three perfect times for having sex.

The first one (done by the British Science Association) shows that 5:48 am the morning is the perfect time for lovemaking. The reasons? Well, at this time, both partners have high levels of testosterone, which increases sexual desire. In addition, the man has the best erection early in the morning.

The sexologists add that the levels of melatonin and cortisol, which are the hormones responsible for sleeping, increase between 2 and 6 in the morning, therefore arousal is greater between those times.

The second study, conducted by German doctor Peter Platz, shows that at 9 am and at 4 pm, both men and women are erotically synchronized, which allows them to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The sexuality expert ensures that at both times, women have a high level of endorphins and men are really up to enjoy a pleasant encounter. Hence, arousal won’t be a missing ingredient.

If you want to enrich your intimate life even more, you can try other places in the house other than the bedroom to have sex. For example, the kitchen is a room that can turn both of you on. Also, the dining room offers another nice opportunity: you can use the dining table for some original fun. A char can be used to make love, especially because it helps you try new positions. Last but not least, the bathtub is ideal after a tiring day. 

Now that you know the best times of day to experience some unforgettable moments of pleasure with your partners, you can go ahead and explore your kinky side. If you feel like you need to spice things up, head to an erotic massage parlor, such as Black Massage Velvet, relax and let yourself spoiled.